Wiener Melange

New CD

Peter Dorfmayr, Vienna Horn

Johannes Wilhelm, piano

Christina Gansch, soprano

The Vienna Horn with its extremely colorful sound in combination with the characteristic soft basses of Viennese Bösendorfer piano, which is over one hundred years old, offers an incredibly lively sound experience.


In the foreground of this recording is the musical work with friends, which releases a lot of positive energy and makes the fun and enjoyment of music audible.

01 / Karl Pilss (1902-1979)

Tre Pezzi in Forma di Sonata

Sinfonia, Intermezzo, Caccia
for horn and piano

02 / Anton J. Gmachl (*1989)
Music for Horn & Piano

for horn and piano

03 / Karl Schwertsik (*1935)
Sonatine op. 1

for horn and piano

04 / Martin Rainer (*1987)
Duett für Horn & Klavier

for horn and piano

05 / Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

Auf dem Strom

for horn, piano and soprano

06 / Johann Strauß (1825-1899)
Draußen in Sievering

for horn, piano and soprano

A „Viennese Melange“

Vienna Horn - „Wiener Klangstil“ - Viennese composers

People often talk about a specific "Wiener Klangstil" in the world of music. Not so well known is that this unique feature, is not only because of heir high proficiency, but also because of the distinctive design and special construction of the instruments. The biggest difference between Viennese and international instruments can probably be found in the French horn: in the leading Viennese orchestras, the special form of the French horn known as the "Vienna Horn" is still preferred over the otherwise usual double horn. 


As a member of the Wiener Symphoniker, Peter Dorfmayr is an artist who appreciates the beauty of the richness of colour and the speciality of this instrument too. The combination with a 100-year-old Viennese Bösendorfer grand piano in the present recording supports the idea of a sound that is both modern and historical.

Dr. Christian Heindl

musicologist and journalist

As the designated chief conductor of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra from the 2020-2021 season onwards, I am especially delighted to be working with such talented, experienced, and innovative musicians as Peter Dorfmayr, the solo horn player of the orchestra. The combination of Vienna Horn and piano is not an everyday one.

This CD features a selection of works from the Romantic to the contemporary, with Peter on horn and Johannes Wilhelm at the piano, and the particular beauty of the tonal combination of their two instruments deserves our applause.

Further reinforced by soprano Christina Gansch, this charming yet demanding repertoire is brought to life, and represents a truly complete, unique, and highly recommended listening experience. Friends of Viennese music culture will surely have a lot of fun with this CD.

Andrés Orozco-Estrada, conductor

With its special richness of colors, the Vienna Horn is a very important part of the unique sound of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, which I have been working with since 2014 as the chief conductor. The solo horn player of the orchestra, Peter Dorfmayr, and the pianist Johannes Wilhelm present works by exclusively Viennese composers on a CD that is very much worth listening to. These musicians have been able to appreciate the very special charm of the instruments – their stylistic, tonal, and interpretive range, not to mention their beauty—and show how profoundly they have made their mark on Viennese musical history and culture. Dorfmayr is an impressive testimony to why he can already count himself among the leading Vienna Horn players of the present day. And it's great that in addition to Dorfmayr, Martin Rainer, another musician from the orchestra, is featured on the CD, to which he has contributed his own composition.

Philippe Jordan, conductor

© 2018 Peter Dorfmayr (Impressum)

Fotos: Klaus Leherbauer & Stefan Promegger

Organisation & Beratung: Stefan Obmann